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Conod Medical Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, headquartered in Jiangsu Changshu. Conod Medical provides high quality medical consumables to hundreds of international OEM and ODM customers. The company's main products are urology series, which include precision urine bags, luxury urine bags, catheters, catheters, surgical kits, etc. Since the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in China in 2020, Conod Medical has built a complete industrial chain for protective clothing materials, masks and protective clothing. The products has achieved products and design concepts in line with the international market. The company has obtained the double white list certification of State Food and Drug Administration and Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, German TUV13485, ISO90001, ISO40001 and other quality management system certification.


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Make a life-long conscience quality product


Conod Medical has a complete international trading system, which include international marketing, international business negotiation, and localized business service in different countries and regions. Conod Medical’s business has been steadily developing in Asia, Europe and the U.S etc.


Finished Product Finished Product

Finished Product Finished Product

Adhere to the humanistic concept as the core. Focusing on build the international leading product R&D concept system. In the past 20 years, Conod‘s products were export to the U.S, European Union, Japan and other countries. Providing professional customized product solutions for tens of millions of families and individuals in more than 50 countries and regions.

Mould Development Raw Materials

Mould Development Raw Materials

Conod Precision Mould Design Center and development center is equipped with a number of precision carving, radial drilling machine, 3D printer, laser cutting plott and other mold development equipment, In addition it has 27 injection molding machines, can quickly respond to customer's customized product needs, to provide customers with one-stop services from R & D design to production and processing. Over the years, Conod Precision Mould Design Center always adhere to the quality of survival of the credibility of the purpose, with excellent product quality has won a wide range of praise from customers at home and abroad.

Sterilization Sterilize

Sterilization Sterilize

Founded in August 2014 with a registered capital of 75 million yuan, Rozer Sterilization is an enterprise focusing on Sterilization services in the field of medical devices. Rozer Sterilization has obtained ISO13485-2016 quality management certification of medical device industry, ISO11135-2014 ethylene oxide sterilization qualification certification; At the same time, it has been registered in the FDA of the United States and the Ministry of Health and Welfare (FMA) of Japan, and has the qualification of global sterilization service. Among the world's top ten medical equipment enterprises, seven enterprises have chosen to cooperate with Rozer Sterilization.

Testing center Detect

Testing center Detect

We always focus on the expectations of our customers and society, in order to provide market-leading services. We are dedicating to provid specialized business solutions that improve quality,safety and productivity. Our independent services add significant value to our clients' operations and ensure business sustainability.

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